Heat transfer

Solving heat and fluid coupling is of paramount importance in science and engineering. Design of heat exchangers, combustors, insulators, air conditioners – the list keeps on growing every moment!

QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB® provides routines for solving heat conduction equation and heat transfer in solids and fluids.  Steady and unsteady cases in two and three dimensions are handled. Both in laminar and turbulent flow regime. Appropriate boundary conditions (isothermal walls, heat flux, mixed) are supported.

Case 1: Laminar flow past a fragment of heat exchanger. Observe varying thickness of thermal boundary layer depending on the fluid heat conductivity.

Go to the Tutorial 15 - Laminar Heat Exchanger to try it out.

Case 2: Free convection in a cell with an isothermal boundary conditions. The temperature difference induces buoyancy that drives the flow.