Dedicated Versions for Industry

Customized CFD software can be much more cost-effective than standard commercial CFD packages. That applies both to SMEs and large industrial customers. We offer two solutions for our users.

Developer Version

Developer scheme
If you want to:

  • create an app on your own,
  • develop your models,
  • compile,
  • share or sell it royalty-free.

Get in touch with our team to learn how you can create applications using the QuickerSim CFD Toolbox functions.

Customized Application

If you:

  • work over similar repetitive projects,
  • need to simplify and accelerate your workflow,
  • want to get an accurate and reliable results without ,
  • do not want to bother about mesh, model and settings.

We can design and build a complete application for you. It would be specialized and validated exactly for your project.

Ask us how a tailored application can satisfy your needs.