Dedicated CFD Applications for Industry

Have you ever considered switching to a custom-designed app?  Watch our video where we explain how to benefit from such a solution:

QuickerSim is a trusted partner in creating project specific engineering software - ask us how we can cut down your costs and boost R&D in your company.

Lets take a look at the main differences between standard commercial CFD packages and customized CFD software.





genereal purpose designed for specific purpose 
can be used only by professionals can be used by non CFD engineers 
requires validation from the user  comes pre-validated

 Customized CFD software is beneficial both to SMEs and large industrial customers. For example in both cases it can be much more cost-effective than standard commercial CFD packages. What are the other advantages of having tailored CFD application ? 



For SME's 

 For large industrial customers

 - painless implementation of CFD tools     - shorter design cycles        
 - development of new, better designs    - money saved on licensing 
   - freeing CFD professionals from part of their work 

 We offer two solutions for our users :

Customized Application

If you:

  • work over similar repetitive projects,
  • need to simplify and accelerate your workflow,
  • want to get an accurate and reliable results without ,
  • do not want to bother about mesh, model and settings.

We can design and build a complete application for you. It would be specialized and validated exactly for your project.

Developer Version

If you want to:

  • create an app on your own,
  • develop your models,
  • compile,
  • share or sell it royalty-free.